CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance Updating database info after VApp deployment
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CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance Updating database info after VApp deployment


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The database connection information that was entered originally for the CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance was updated externally. How can we make these updates inside the CA Identity Virtual Appliance as the datasource xml's are not modifiable. We would like to update 


Identity Suite 14.1 CP5


In such case, you should follow the below procedure:

1) Login using SSH to the node from whose web-ui you intend to start the deployment process
2) Ensure the vApp 14.1-CP5 is installed
3) Edit the following file:
4) Insert a single line with the word TRUE
5) Navigate to the vApp’s setup menu on the same host.
6) Click “edit” on the database information on the lower-pane.
7) Update the database information (e.g. hostname, service name).
8) Click “Test Connections” and ensure the test passes.
9) Click on “Done” – this brings you back to the setup menu
10) Click “Deploy”:
  • On step 4, the database information will be updated on all nodes (which you can see on the standalone.xml files of the point-products on all relevant nodes)
  • Step 5, which restarts all services on all nodes will be skipped due to the existence of the DR flag.

11) Edit the following file:
12) Remove the line containing the word TRUE
13) Later on, you may manually restart the relevant services (e.g. IDM) in order for the DB configurations to take effect.
If multiple instances of an affected service are deployed, we recommend to restart the service on all nodes at the same time.

Please note that this procedure will remove all custom datasource configurations for IM and IP, and you will need to manually add them using the “addJBossDatasource” command.