RSP probe disk monitoring using custom group and template
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RSP probe disk monitoring using custom group and template


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


RSP disk monitoring using custom group and template example 


UIM -Any supported UIM release 
rsp 5.30 or higher 


1) Deploy rsp Probe
2) Click on the ‘Advanced configuration section’. Expand templates followed by Disk.
3) Right click here and create a new template named as ‘Test_disk_template’. Select active as ‘Yes’ and do the configuration for Qos and alarms as shown below:

4) Now, right click on the newly created template and select ‘Add alarm condition’ as shown below

5) Give the alarm configuration such as active as ‘yes’, threshold, message name and severity.
Note: It is important to give the severity here. Based on this, alarm will be triggered on the discovered host.


6) Now, click on ok and click on the ‘Groups’ section.
7) Right click and create a new group here named as ‘Test_group’. Give the interval as 1 min.

8) Click on ok. Now, create an instance and name it as ‘disk’. Do the configuration for  active as ‘Yes’, template as ‘default’, cycle as ‘1’ and instance template as ‘Test_disk_template’ as shown below


9) Click on ok.
10) Now, Click on the ‘Add host profile section’ and discover a windows box with the valid credentials and newly created group ‘Test_group’ as shown below:



11) Click on ok

12) Click on apply, yes and ok.
13) Now, click on the ‘Advanced configuration section’. Expand profile templates.
14) Expand Test_group followed by discovered windows box. Here it is ‘x.x.x.x’.
15) Expand disk followed by ‘C:\’
16) Here we can clearly see that only those alarms are visible which were declared in Test_disk_template and applied by ‘Test_group’.