Plan Will Not Load in "Plan Progression" Page
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Plan Will Not Load in "Plan Progression" Page


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Plan Progression page is a beta feature that is still changing rapidly.  As features are being added, the requirements to get the page to load successfully are changing.  This article will offer some tips on having the page load successfully.



In our example, we have 2 sub projects defined under 1 main project.  The main project is called "Project 22" and the sub projects are 22 Sub 1 and 22 Sub 2.


Each sub project will have a feature with a single user story assigned.


Component: ACSAAS



The Plan Progression page is very sensitive to dates.  Many teams are using the plan progression page in a scaled agile framework and have multiple teams working towards a release.  It is therefore necessary to ensure that each team is aligned on their start dates and release dates for their own release timeboxes


Features need to have their schedule blocks populated appropriately.  This means ensuring they have a Release assigned as well as plan dates

User Stories

Stories should be assigned to a release as well


Stories should be assigned to an appropriate team

Capacity Plan

The Capacity Plan should tie everything together with the features planned as well as the projects/teams working on those projects.  The plan should reference the same timebox that the projects have assigned to them as shown above.







Note: Another fairly common problem is that the user may fail to add the appropriate group to the capacity plan, the group or project for any given artifact must also appear on the list of groups see the help page below for more information.  The specific bullet item from the help page is;
"All of the teams that have features that are part of the plan have been added. If you have included a feature in the capacity plan but did not include the team, the planned progression will not load."

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