CA WA Agent does not show up as active on Manager Topology
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CA WA Agent does not show up as active on Manager Topology


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


The CA WA Agent does not show up as active on the manager side and jobs cannot be submitted to it.


CA WA Agent 11.3 / 11.4
CA WA DE R11.3 / R12


When an agent is installed, the installer requires an encryption type and key.  This information must match for the agent entry (Topology) on the manager side.  If the key does not match, then agent will not be able to communicate with the manager.  This will result in Scheduler marking the agent as INACTIVE or offline.

The following message may be seen on the manager logs (tracelog for DE):
 [communications] [INFO] DM.InputProcessor_138: [2018-04-20_10:57:58.342] Decryption for node[AGENT1234        ], encryptionName[DES]
20180420 10:57:58.343 [essential] [WARN] DM.InputProcessor_138: [2018-04-20_10:57:58.342] Invalid AFM. At least six tokens are required. The AFM 4�Y�ll�Ym�Z�Œd��/��$1��D�lJ�� ��C0��v{n�TS�{�c�\���<���f��؉�x�   ......lR has 2 tokens.
..... snip .....
 [communications] [INFO] DM.InputProcessor_138: [2018-04-20_10:57:58.342] Encryption sectype[1], node[AGENT1234        ], encryptionName[DES]
 [essential] [WARN] DM.InputProcessor_138: [2018-04-20_10:57:58.342]  Invalid Message received from Agent - AGENT1234 . Message: 4�Y�ll�Ym�Z�Œd��/��$1��D�lJ�� ��C0��v{n�TS�{�c�\���<���f��؉�x�    .... snip ....
 [essential] [WARN] DM.InputProcessor_138: [2018-04-20_10:57:58.342] Rejected message:   .... snip ....



Change the encryption key on  the manager side or on the agent.  If you remember the key, then enter it in the manager (Topology -> Agent).
Note:  The key is preceded with 0x when installing the agent, do not enter 0x on the manager side.

If you don't remember the key, then:
1.  Take the key from Manager and login to the Agent host.
2.  Open a Command Prompt (Windows) or a Terminal (ssh to host if Linux or UNIX)
3.  Navigate to the CA WA Agent install directory.  E.g. /opt/CA/WA_Agent or C:\Program Files\CA\WA_Agent
4.  Execute the keygen utility with key and cipher.  E.g.

keygen 0x12345678123456781234567812345678 AES 

         Note: The above is an example key.  Use your own 32 character long hexadecimal key.  Hexadecimal allows 0-9 and letters A-F. 0x is needed on the           Agent side only.  Do not add the 0x in Manager Topology, just the key.
         By default, the cryptkey is stored in cryptkey.txt, which is located in the Agent install directory