Is there a defined version associated to ACC agents?
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Is there a defined version associated to ACC agents?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Is there a defined version associated to ACC agents (similar to Introsope's 10.x.x.x? If so, is it stored in the agent?


Any ACC version


If you would like to read the version of the agent from the resources contained inside the agent folder. In that case there is a manifest.txt file that lists the bundles and their version used in composing that agent, eg:

Browser Agent - Unix support v10.6.0.122:
Spring v10.6.0.122:
Extension for tracing AWS backends v1.0.0.0:
Servlets & JSPs v10.6.0.122:
Override TurnOn: ServletFilterTracing with instrument.ServletFilterTracing=off
Other Java Application v10.6.0.122:
HTTP Backends v10.6.0.122:
SOAP Web Services v10.6.0.122:
Command Center v10.6.0.122:
JNDI v10.6.0.122:
EJBs v10.6.0.122:
JMS v10.6.0.122:
Sockets v10.6.0.122:
JMX v10.6.0.122:
CPU - Unix support v10.6.0.122:
CPU v10.6.0.122:
Garbage Collection v10.6.0.122:
JSF v10.6.0.122:
SQL v10.6.0.122:
Extension for Cloud Provider Tracing v1.0.0.0:
Struts v10.6.0.122:
EM Connection v10.6.0.122:
Adding agentManager.credential=2935d428-84b6-4bc0-aced-3e0833a14ec0
Override agentManager.url.1= with agentManager.url.1=
Java Agent - Unix Support v10.6.0.122:
Java Agent v10.6.0.122:
Java Agent Base v10.6.0.122:
Override log4j.appender.logfile.MaxFileSize=2MB with log4j.appender.logfile.MaxFileSize=20MB
Adding introscope.agent.agentName=AgentName
Override introscope.agent.deep.instrumentation.level=low with introscope.agent.deep.instrumentation.level=high
Browser Agent v10.6.0.122:

So basically you create an agent in ACC and download the package archive.
Then navigate to "wily" folder and search by "manifest.txt".