Recommended actions when shutting down PPM for prolonged periods of time
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Recommended actions when shutting down PPM for prolonged periods of time


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If you need to shut off your PPM application for a prolonged period of time, there are some actions that can be taken to help with this process. These can also help ensure your application and environment are ready to go back online when the time comes.


All supported PAS releases for On-Premise customers.


In order to ensure your application is taken offline properly, we recommend taking these actions for shutting down the application and related servers.
  1. Get cold backup of your database and snapshot of your application server
  2. Pause and/or cancel any jobs in Home > Jobs that are running or processing. Otherwise, cancel any scheduled jobs and wait for executing ones to complete
  3. Turn off the services running on the application server (meaning all services like app, bg, nsa, etc.) and those on the Jaspersoft report server
  4. Turn off/close the database connections for any of the PPM related databases, such as the PPM schema, the Data Warehouse schema, and the Jaspersoft schema, unless these would be accessed via third-party means
  5. Shut down the physical servers if needed
If a load balancer is being used with your environment, it would be best to have your network team redirect incoming requests to PPM to some other route in order to indicate PPM is currently offline.