WA DE Server Stopped with error Java null exception
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WA DE Server Stopped with error Java null exception


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


The DE Server is stopped with Error: Java null exception errors. Unable to start the services.
Each time we start the DE Server it stays up a few seconds and it goes down again


WA DE 12.0 SP2 on Windows


Please proceed by the following steps in order to start your DE Server properly:

1. Run the following query in the database console to get the status of all the active Applications and jobs and save the result of the query:
    select name, type, thestate, status, starttime, endtime from ESP_RTWOB ;
2. Then start the DE Server in cold mode with start.type.level=1
(This option will start the server in cold mode, but all the scheduled Events are preserved.
Events that were not yet processed at the time of shutdown continue to trigger after the server starts.
Events that require a manual trigger are also preserved).
3. Execute the scheduleallevents cli command to reschedule Events and next schedule times.