Tasks not executing after update of calendar
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Tasks not executing after update of calendar


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


The Calendar in Dollar Universe used to have limited range.
Therefore it can be necessary to update the Calendar in order to include future years.

After such a Calendar update certain Tasks are not scheduled anymore.

The following error appears in universe.log:
|WARN |X|IO |pid=<pid>| u_cal_loadTAPlanified     | End of validity range not set for job, defaulting to the last day of the calendar.


The error message is for DUAS v5.6, the message may be different for DUAS v6.x


When the validity date (=start date) of a Task falls before the first year of the Calendar definition, the next execution of the Task cannot be calculated. 


Make sure that all validity date of all Task are within the range of the Calendar definition:

- Modify the validity date of Tasks
- Add previous years to the Calendar definition