Configuring hub in DMZ to download and forward probes to primary hub
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Configuring hub in DMZ to download and forward probes to primary hub


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In many environments the primary hub does not have access to the internet.
In these circumstances It is not possible to download probes via IM or AC and thus it is required to download manually from and import into the archive
This document describes an alternative setup that allows a hub in the DMZ to download and forward the packages to the Primary hub.


Component: UIMINS


  1. Install required components.
    1. Install a hub in DMZ and connect to Primary hub via a tunnel.
    2. Install Infrastructure Manager (IM) on this dmz hub.
    3. Install distsrv on this dmz hub.
  2. Configure the solution
    1. Distsrv
      1. Open Distsrv config
      2. Enable forwarding and configure to forward immediately when a change is detected
      3. Setup a forwarding record to the primary hub.
    2. Infrastructure Manager (IM)
      1. Open IM on DMZ hub and Select "Tools - Options" from the Menu bar.
      2. Check " Enable Internet Archive integration with local archive" is ticked
      3. Provide your credentials to login to
      4. Check "Attempt automatic login when downloading from the Internet Archive" is ticked
  3. Download the required probes.
    1. Select the probes you wish to download as normal
      • Once downloaded to the DMZ hub, distsrv will automatically forward these to the primary hubs archive allowing you to deploy to your robots