Applying the Master Catalog update
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Applying the Master Catalog update


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How to update the Master Catalog inside CA Software Asset Manager (CA SAM), as part of Service Management.


Component: CASAM


Firstly, download the Catalog from the Solutions & Catalogs Index.

After downloading the product for CA SAM, the Administration Manual can be found in the docs folder. It contains step-by-step instructions of installing and setting up the software. Specifically, section 3.2.2 describes the details for updating the Master Catalog:

The Catalog is delivered as a *.zip archive.

Step 1 Please ensure that you have made a database backup.

Step 2 Log on with an account that has superuser authorization (e.g. admin).

Step 3 Make sure that the "Extract zip archive?" option is checked.

Step 4 Select menu item "Exchange > Data Exchange > Exchange directory" and upload the catalog
The 'in' directory should now contain several CSV files and two XML files. Please note that the
web server account also has write access to these files.

Step 5 Click on the import link from the "catalog_step1_data_sources.xml" entry and confirm it.
Wait for the Import completed message. This process should not take more than a few

Step 6 Click on the import link from the "catalog_step2_main.xml" entry and confirm it:
· The XML processor file performs a full import of all supplied CSV files in the defined order;
the import is restricted to the asp, asp_arp, asp_sap and ocs data sources, which means that
the product master data created locally are not overwritten. However, there may be name
conflicts with your product master data which may result in an incomplete catalog update.
· Wait for the Import completed message. This process can take several hours depending on
your system performance.

Step 7 Open the log file of your import and check for any errors.