Is it possible to change the behavior of existing "CA Java Class:" code?
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Is it possible to change the behavior of existing "CA Java Class:" code?


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Is it possible to change the behavior of existing "CA Java Class:" code?

As an example, the SC/Catalog/Offerings /SM141/Service Management Administration/Add User offering.
Which invokes JAVA code as defined in/through SC/Admin/ERA:
Home>Administration>Events-Rules-Actions>Request/Subscription Item Change>CASM User Onboarding Rule
Rule = CASM User Onboarding Rule
Action = JAVA,$all$ Create User Action Java action to create a user across different capabilities

Is there any chance to change the behavior of the existing "Add User" offering? It is realized by a CA Java Class:,$all$ In other words, is there any chance to get the java source code in order to change something?


Release: CASVCT99000-17.0-Service Catalog


Note 1:
As to this JAVA code "" it appears to be proprietary code.
Meaning it is for CA-Only visibility.

What I can propose then is to open an Idea in the Catalog Community.
With your fully and detailed explanation of what and how you want to get this functionality changed.
To then be voted-up for by other members of the Community.
And then reviewed and analyzed there after, to see whether it can be implemented in a future release.
Note 2:
You could decide to write your own java.plugin. 
And then replace the currently use by the one you wrote yourself.
Information on how to do so can then be found in the SM14.1 WIKI pages, starting from:
Searching for java, plugin, api showing informational pages there after.
Use API Plug-ins to Load Data into Policies and Forms

This however, is only a thought on this. Seeking for a possible solution cq workaround for you.
Not sure though whether that can be implemented as such.
Which is also out-of-scope of the Level-1 Support, so you could thinking about engaging CA Services for assistance on this then.

Also see for further information:
- SC/Admin/Tools>Links>Plug-in Documentation
- SC/Admin/Tools>Plug-ins

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