Which table does RA manage projects of deployment plan in?
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Which table does RA manage projects of deployment plan in?


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


A customer wanted to know project name with deployment plan.
Are there any ways to find project list?


Release: RATMSP99000-6.5-Release Automation-MSP


Project is managed in rc_version table in Nolio database.
Here is sample query to get Application - Project - Deployment Plan.
select app.app_name as Application_Name, rv.name as Project_Name, rrc.name as Deployment_Plan_Name from rc_version rv inner join rc_release_candidate rrc on rrc.version=rv.id inner join applications app on rv.applicationId=app.id where rv.archived=0 and rrc.archived=0

You can get list of project and deployment plan using REST API like following as well.

Project List
GET) http://localhost:8080/datamanagement/a/api/v3/applications/<Application ID>/projects

Deployment Plan List in a Project
GET) http://localhost:8080/datamanagement/a/api/v3/applications/<Application ID>/projects/<Project ID>/deployment-plans

Please refer to product manual.
- /applications/{appId}/projects
- /applications/{appId}/projects/{projectId}/deployment-plans
Recommend to use REST API to get list or identify IDs for Project and Deployment Plan instead of SQL query directly.