Configuring Health Monitoring to restart CAF
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Configuring Health Monitoring to restart CAF


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How to configure Health Monitoring in CA Client Automation to start CAF if it is stopped?


Client Automation - 14.x


Please follow the steps below to configure the Health Monitoring Agent to start CAF if it is stopped.

1. In the DSM Explorer, navigate to Control Panel, Configuration, Configuration Policy. Right-click and select 'New Policy'. 

2. Give a desired name to the policy. 

3. Drill down to DSM, Health Monitoring, Health Monitoring Agent. 

4. Set the following policies to 'True'. 

'Enable Alert Remediation' 
'Enable Health Monitoring' 


5. Navigate to DSM, Health Monitoring, Alert Configuration. 

6. The Alert Configuration window will appear. Go to the 'Alerts' tab and select 'CAF Not Working'. 

7. Set the Frequency for checking as desired.

8. For 'Remediation' select the script 'hmStartCaf.dms'. Click OK.

9. Right-click and select 'Seal' to seal the policy. Apply it to the desired machines. 

If CAF is stopped on a computer, the Health monitoring agent will start CAF using the remediation script specified in step8 above. 

Additional Information

In order to use this feature, Health Monitor must be enabled first. For more information on Health Monitoring please refer the following link:

How to Configure and Monitor the CA Client Automation Infrastructure Health-DSM