Datamaker: Unable to rollback procedure on datapool error using Sybase ASE
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Datamaker: Unable to rollback procedure on datapool error using Sybase ASE


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Using Datamaker to publish a subset on Sybase ASE, a test was performed. 
It encountered an error regarding foreign keys. 

If there is an error when publishing the data, the standard internal procedure is to perform a rollback. 
When evaluating the resulting rollback command, the delete command is malformed.  

Datamaker wrong command line: 
DELETE FROM dbo.TbPessoaSobAnalise WHERE [CdPessoaSobAnalise] = '242060179' 

ASE Valid command Line: 
DELETE FROM dbo.TbPessoaSobAnalise WHERE [CdPessoaSobAnalise] = 242060179 

It is putting single quotation marks on the field, but it is a numeric field that does not require single quotes. 


TDM Portal
Test data manager

Driver Version here is, and ODBC Version is 03.51.


This is not a TDM Error. 
this is a problem with the database client drivers.


Development discovered this while reviewing a Sybase ASE rollback command in TDM. 
TDM simply tells the driver to rollback and does not generate the command; the driver creates the commands and executes them.

Development found on the Sybase ASE forums that this is a known rollback driver issue. 

The recommendation is to get the latest version of the driver. 
This is completely controlled by the Client's DBAs to maintain the stability of their system. 
It is the DBA's responsibility to review their driver version and get a stable version for their system based on their internal procedures. 
Support cannot recommend a specific version due to the stability concern.