Benefit Plan Details custom TSV field data does not clear on update of Benefit Plan Start Period
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Benefit Plan Details custom TSV field data does not clear on update of Benefit Plan Start Period


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Custom Time Scaled Value (TSV) data does not clear, when the Benefit Plan’s Start Period is moved outside range

  • Set up a new Time Scaled Value (TSV) Attribute against the Benefit Plan Detail Object.
  • Create a new Benefit Plan and populate data.
  • Change Start Date to be after the current Start period.
Result: All of the Benefits that are before the Start period get zeroed out, except for those against the custom TSV fields.
Expectation: All fields should be zeroed.


1) Open Benefit Plan Details Object:
•    Administration, Objects, Object Name = Benefit Plan Detail
•    Go to Attributes tab and choose “New” Attribute

2) Create a new Time-varying Attribute
•    Attribute Name - Forecast Benefit
•    Attribute ID - tls_ben_frc
•    Data Type - Time-varying
•    Time-varying Type - Fiscal
•    Time-varying Data Units - Money
•    Time-varying Date Constraints - Leave empty for now
•    Save and Return

3) Go to “Views” for the “Benefit Plan Detail” Object
•    Choose “Fields” against “Benefit Plan Detail - List”
•    Create a “New” Column Field
4) Configure the custom TSV field (Forecast Benefit) in the Project Benefit Plan List View along with the OOTB Benefit and Actual Benefit TSVs.
•    Value Attributes - Actual Benefit, Benefit, Forecast Benefit, Variance
•    Start Date - 1st Jun 2017
•    Specific Time Scale - Month
•    Number of Time Periods - 12
•    Column Label - Benefit Details
•    Allow Editing - Yes. (NOTE - Need to Save first before this is available.)
•    Save and Return
•    Publish Object/Attributes if required

5) Go to an existing Project or create a New Project
•    Home, Portfolio Management, Projects
•    Create a New Benefit Plan from Finanical Plans, Benefit Plans
6) Enter Benefit Plan Property Details
•    Plan Name - TSV Benefit Plan Test
•    Plan ID - TSV_01
•    Period Type - Monthly
•    Start Period - 1 July 2017
•    End Period - Far in the future
7) Go to the Benefit Plan Details and add a New Plan
•    Add in any details
8) Enter in some test data against the new Benefit Plan
•    The custom TSV field (Forecast Benefit) and one out-of-the-box field like Benefit are required for the test
•    All others are optional
9) Return to the Benefit Plan Properties tab and adjust the Start Period from Jul 2017 to Jan 2018 and save the changes.

10 ) Return to the Details Tab

Expected result: 
When the Start Date of the Benefit moves out of the period where data has been entered, the data should be reset to zero.
  • Correct - the Out-of-the-Box values are reset to zero.
  • Incorrect - the custom TSV field (Forecast Benefit) is retaining its values, and should not.

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Issue confirmed in both CA PPM 15.3 and CA PPM 15.4.


Being reviewed in  DE42040 by CA Engineering as a suspected Defect.

This knowledge document will be updated when the review is complete.

Please log an issue with CA Support and quote this Knowledge Document if you encounter the same issue.


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