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Information on Reservations & Data - Orient DB


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I need to extract information on the number of records that are still not reserved and available for use per TDM portal model.  This information is created and stored in the OrientDB.  this information can be obtained manually checking it from the TDM portal by clicking and writing down the results for every test match.  As you might guess, this is very time consuming, especially when you have many models. Being able to create a report based on the information in the database rather than manually gather the information as I click through the models is the most efficient method,

Can you please let me know how to access the information on the data available in the TDM portal models through the Orient DB that is displayed in the UI?


Component: TDMWBP


You need to select data from ‘Reservations’ table.

Column is ‘payL’ (JSON string payload).
Because ‘payL’ is a String, you cannot ask the usual way “where dataModelId=123” you have to match the string “where payL like ‘%123%’”.
Payload contains reservations keys.
You can add conditions to the where clause.
In my model with ID 165, I can easily find cities whose name is “Brno” using this query: select * from `Reservation` where payL like "%\"dataModelId\":165%" and payL like "%\"NAME\":\"Brno\"%"

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