Credential Management is missing in 3.0.2
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Credential Management is missing in 3.0.2


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


"Credentials" menu is missing in 3.0.2 for external users imported in PAM  with “Global Administrator” role and members of the “System Admin Group” credential management group.

Before the upgradeto 3.0.2, these users were able to select “manage passwords” from the “policy” menu, and they were able to access the full credential management functionality 
After the upgrade, these users do NOT see the “credentials” menu item. 

The local users are able to see the “credentials” menu item. 


Release 3.0.2 


If the userPrincipalName attribute is missing or null in the user's attributes properties then this value is set to NULL in the uag.user.user_principal_name table in PAM. 
And it has been confirmed that the "Credentials" menu is missing when the user_principal_name is null.


Hotfix available in release 3.1. Patch 
Release 3.2 includes this hotfix too.


Additional Information

After applying the upgrade patch, you will need to refresh the LDAP groups that are missing tabs: 
Refresh the LDAP user group: 

a. Select Users, Manage User Groups. 

b. Select the LDAP group containing your administrators. 

c. Click Refresh LDAP Groups. 

d. Log out then log back in as the LDAP administrator. 

e. Verify that you can now see the Credentials tab and the Dashboard. 

Also note that you will need to make sure individual users are added to "System Admin Group" to grant Credential management privileges.