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Clarity PPM: Health Report shows invalid database objects


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Clarity PPM versions 15.2+ have the Health Report link that can be accessed from the Administration Menu.

There are red X icons showing issues with the database. Is this of concern?

This Health Report provides information about invalid objects in both PPM schema and the Data Warehouse schema. And can report a variable number of database objects as being invalid.


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There is no need to take any steps to validate these objects specifically, unless unexpected behavior is being noticed in functionalities of the application, such as the failure of the Load DWH job. Invalid objects will be compiled at runtime (upon access), depending on the object being invalid, therefore the objects become auto-rectified when accessed.

There will always be 3 objects that are invalid as they are used when the Oracle database is imported/refreshed, however it will not cause any issues with Clarity operation.


This happens only when Clarity is running on Oracle and the database schema name is not called niku.