Generation of function error MCH3601 YRPGCNMG1I
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Generation of function error MCH3601 YRPGCNMG1I


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Get generation error on function, MCH3601 and PLI1905 in YRPGCNMG1I 
From within the joblog we see the following: 

MCH3601 Escape 40   YRPGCNMG1I Y2SY 01C1 YRPGCNMG1I Y2SY 01C1 Message . . . . : Pointer not set for location referenced. Cause . . . . . : A pointer was used, either directly or as a basing pointer, that has not been set to an address. 

PLI1905 Information 00  QPESERR QSYS 0154 YRPGCNMG1I Y2SY 00F4 Message . . . . : ERROR condition at 856 in YRPGCNMG1I. ONCODE 8095. Cause . . . . . : A pointer-not-set ERROR condition occurs when you reference a based variable and the basing pointer is not set to a valid address. Recovery . . . : Set the basing pointer by using an ALLOCATE statement or a READ statement with a SET option.


Component: C22E


The failure based on the error noted from the joblog is typically caused by a *RTVCND with an undefined parameter.

Use F17 Search in the Action Diagram for Errors, you should find it that way. You can try by first commenting out the *RTVCND and re-generate.

If your determine this is the problem, to correct the situation, you can Edit the Action Diagram of your function with the use of *RTVCND.  Delete the *RTVCND from the Action Diagram. And then, re-add the *RTVCND back in along with its related parameters and retest.