Automatic archiving of CA Dispatch MSGCLASS data in Online Viewing
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Automatic archiving of CA Dispatch MSGCLASS data in Online Viewing


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


Is there a way to have the MSGCLASS data that is in CA Dispatch's Online Viewing file automatically archived to tape?





This can be accomplished by the execution of the Online Viewing batch maintenance jobs DSEXVIEW or DSEXPSVW. The control members executed by these jobs are located in the CA Dispatch installed HLQ.CADSOPTN library and are known as DSVIEW and DSPSVW respectively. The VIEW control parameter, when coded on its own, will cause all reports and MSGCLASS data in the online viewing file to be DELETED if their retention's have expired.

To initiate archival of the MSGCLASS data as part of VIEW control processing, add the ARCH extension to the VIEW control parameter. This will cause a copy of all MSGCLASS data that has not been archived since the last time the job ran (regardless of retention) to be spooled out to the JES queue with the designated archive class (from the CA Dispatch VSGMU105 screen - Option 9.0 from the main menu). The MSGCLASS data is then pulled back into the LDS files by either the CADZSPLx intercept function or by the SAPIARCH task and is then processed by the CA Dispatch archive subtask and written to tape.

Example of VIEW control parameter with ARCH extension added:

*********************** Top of Data *
VIEW ARCH.                                     
******************** Bottom of Data *

All MSGCLASS data will be archived with a REPORT NAME of "MSGCLASS" and the corresponding JOB NAME that the MSGCLASS data was created for.