Browser Metrics do not appear (.NET)
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Browser Metrics do not appear (.NET)


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Browser Metrics do not appear (.NET) - Checklist


Application Performance Management 10x and higher version.


1. Clean up the browser cache and restart the internet browser before starting the troubleshooting
2. Check that the main properties has been uncommented and configured correctly:

Verify that the pages you are interested to monitor are not being excluded by includeURLsRegex
introscope.agent.browseragent.dxchost=<DxC host name>
introscope.agent.browseragent.dxcport=<DxC port>
3.- Review the Introscope agent logs to verify the snippet file location is correct and valid.

The Snippet file instruct the Browser Agent where to download the BA.js profile and the BAExt.js file
By default introscope.agent.browseragent.autoInjection.default.snippetLocation=../config/default.basnippet
If there is a problem a message will be reported in the agent log as below for example:

[ERROR] [IntroscopeAgent.BrowserAgent] C:\CA\apm\wily\test.basnippet, this file is empty or not readable.
4.- Make sure you are using a supported browser. Check the Product Compatibility Matrix for supported browsers. 
5.- Check if the snippet is inserted in the correct place.
The snippet is always inserted after the <head> tag in the source page. Open the page you need to monitor, right click, select “View Source Page”, verify that the snippet  has been inserted, below example:

NOTE: If content encoding type is gzip the auto injection is stopped and the response is not edited.


6.- Verify that the BA.js file is downloaded from the Digital Experience Collector as specified in the snippet.js file


In your browser press F12, go to the “Network” tab, open the page you would like to inspect, verify that “ba.js?agent=browser” appears in the list and the content is readable.


7.- Check the browser console for any error or warn message.


Enable “browserLoggingEnabled” in the <DXC_HOME>/browserAgent/wa/ba/profile/default-tenant/default-app/profile.json. By default logging is disabled.

Push the updated profile to DxC(s) by running:  :

<DXC_HOME>/bin/ -baDir <DXC_HOME>/browserAgent/wa

Make sure DxC is up and running. 


In your browser press F12, go to the “Console” tab, refresh the page, you should see [CA Browser Agent] entries as below, make sure no ERROR messages are reported 


8.- Check if POST requests are blocked.

 After executing the Browser Agent JavaScript code, POST requests including the page timing and other performance data are sent to DxC server, make sure POST requests are not being blocked. 

9.- Check if the browser is dropping the POST requests (for example, CORS is disabled), see


10.- Check the appropriate metrics features are enabled (Page, JavaScript Function or AJAX).

Open the <DXC_HOME>/browserAgent/wa/ba/profile/default-tenant/default-app/profile.json

Enable the below properties accordingly to your requirements.

"pageLoadMetricsEnabled" : true,
"ajaxMetricsEnabled" : true,
"jsFunctionMetricsEnabled" : false,

 Push the updated profile to DxC(s) by running:  :

<DXC_HOME>/bin/ -baDir <DXC_HOME>/browserAgent/wa

11.- Check if the defined thresholds are not met (Page, JavaScript Function or AJAX).
For example, if Soft Page navigations or “route” changes are being excluded because changes are too fast, then try reducing ajaxMetricsThreshold
Open the <DXC_HOME>/browserAgent/wa/ba/profile/default-tenant/default-app/profile.json
Adjust the value as required.

"pageLoadMetricsThreshold" : 100,
"ajaxMetricsThreshold" : 100,
"jsFunctionMetricsThreshold" : 100,

 Push the updated profile to DxC(s) by running:  :

<DXC_HOME>/bin/ -baDir <DXC_HOME>/browserAgent/wa

12.- Check if business transactions are not defined and URL metrics are turned off.  
Open the <DXC_HOME>/browserAgent/wa/ba/profile/default-tenant/default-app/profile.json
Enable below property

"urlMetricOff" : false,

 Push the updated profile to DxC(s) by running:  :

<DXC_HOME>/bin/ -baDir <DXC_HOME>/browserAgent/wa