Browser Metrics do not appear in Business Transaction Node in the investigator (Java/NET)
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Browser Metrics do not appear in Business Transaction Node in the investigator (Java/NET)


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Browser Metrics do not appear in Business Transaction Node in the investigator (Java/NET) - Checklist


APM 10.5 and higher version


1.- Go to the CEM UI, verify that the interested page or URL matches a Business Transaction (BT) definition

2.-Verify that the agent is able to monitor the Business Transaction under : <App-hostname> | <Process> | <agent> | Business Segment | <BS> | <BT>

3.- Make sure the below properties have been configured in the IntroscopeAgent.profile:

If Java agent:
Make sure the pages you need to monitor are not being excluded by includeURLsRegex.
If .NET agent:

Changes to the above properties takes effect immediately

4.- Verify that the business transaction match the x-apm-brtm-response-bt-page-<page URL> (for page request) or the x-apm-brtm-response-bt-<uniqueID> cookie (for AJAX request).

In your browser press F12, go to the “Network tab”, open the page you would like to inspect, then click  “Cookies” tabs.
Verify that x-apm-brtm-response-bt-page-<you-app-url> is present
In case of Java:

In case of .NET:


If you can't find the cookie, then problem is in inserting the cookie, make sure Cookies are enabled in the browser, see Browser Agent Prerequisites:


If you find the cookie, switch from the “Network” to the “Console” tab, check if the javascript can read the cookie, if you see the warning message like below, then problem is in reading the cookie:


a) cookie has already expired :

If Java : increase introscope.agent.browseragent.response.decoration.cookie.expirationTime=3


If .NET: increase introscope.agent.browseragent.responseCookie.expirationTime=3

to some high number, and try again


b) cookie can't read because the cookie name. This requires debugging in the JavaScript side, to gather DEBUG logs

If Java : open the IntroscopeAgent.profile, set,logfile

    If .NET: open the logging.config.xml, set <level value="DEBUG">, save the IntroscopeAgent.profile so the change in the logging.config.xml is trigger immediately

    Reproduce the issue and send the information to CA Support.



5.- Check if POST requests are blocked.

After executing the Browser Agent JavaScript code, POST requests including the page timing and other performance data are sent to DxC server, make sure POST requests are not being blocked.