Resolving DFHSI1579D PLT program @IADPLTI not found
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Resolving DFHSI1579D PLT program @IADPLTI not found


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Datacom Ideal IPC Datacom/DB Datacom/DB


When starting a CICS region that uses CA Datacom/DB and CA Ideal, messages like these are expected:
DFHSI8430I <CICSregion> About to link to PLT programs during the third stage of initialization
DC00118I - CA Datacom CICS Services 15.1 STARTED BY         PLT
<MUFname>:DB00135I - CONNECT TO <MUF jobname>           <MUFname>  STC29874 SYSE     M-15
<MUFname>:DB00101I - STARTED JOB-<CICSregion> NUMBER-57036 CXX=<CXXname>   MUFNAME=<MUFname>
However, this message indicates a problem:
DFHSI1579D <CICSregion> Module DFHSIPLT PLT program @IADPLTI not found. Reply GO or CANCEL.

Why does this DFHSI1579D message appear, and how can it be corrected?


Release: 15.1
Component: Ideal


The explanation of the DFHSI1579D message from the IBM Knowledge Center says:
This message indicates that either a program defined in the post-initialization program list table (PLTPI) cannot be found....

For PLT programs, if the message is issued during the first PLT phase in initialization, the program does not exist in the CICS program library. If the message is produced during the post-initialization PLT phase, the program did not have an installed program entry or was not found in the CICS program library.

This means that the @IADPLTI load module could not be found in the DFHRPL concatenation, or that you do not have the DFHCSD entry defined for the program.

Please review your DFHRPL concatenation to see if you have the CA Ideal loadlib (LLQ=CAILLOAD) defined there, and that this loadlib has the @IADPLTI module. If the module and loadlib are already part of the DFHRPL, then please be sure that you followed the instructions to update the CICS definitions as found in the INSTJCL member ILCICS. One or both of these could be the source of this error.

Additional Information

In addition, this Knowledge Base article will explain some of the PLT processing for CA Datacom and CA Ideal. The article is titled "Order of Datacom/Ideal/IPC programs in the CICS PLT startup" and should be helpful for you to confirm good operation.

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.