Cannot configure an AD Namespace in AdminUI
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Cannot configure an AD Namespace in AdminUI


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We are configuring an Active Directory as a User Store on our environment, and we want to use the AD Namespace features, so we have accessed AdminUI to configure it. When, following the documentation steps, we create the new User Directory, on the namespace definition we cannot select the AD Namespace, as we only see the following types:


If we configure the directory as LDAP Namespace, it works fine, but we would like to use the AD namespace for some features. Why we cannot see the "AD:" option in AdminUI?


Policy Server R12.7 on RHEL7
AdminUI R12.7 on RHEL7


The AD Namespace only can be set when the AdminUI is pointing to a Windows Policy Server, as a Linux PS cannot use the AD Namespace features, so the option is hidden in the AdminUI.

If you want to enable this feature, your Policy Servers need to be Windows OS based, so if you have a mixed OS environment, have this into account if you enable AD Namespace to avoid having Linux Policy Servers attending to requests for AD Namespace.

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