How to reset the CA UIM administrator password
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How to reset the CA UIM administrator password


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


It happens that a new administrator takes over the infrastructure and ignores the password set by the original one or simply forgot it. 

What are the steps to reset it?


Release: 8.x and Newer
Component: UIMHUB


Scenario 1: Only one hub

* Backup $NIMROOT\hub\security.cfg file
* Shutdown Nimsoft Watcher Service
* Edit $NIMROOT\hub\security.cfg file as follows:
Go to <Users> section
Change the password field to the following string:

Contact Broadcom UIM support for assistance with this step. They will input the string, log you into IM and have you change password.

* Start Nimsoft Watcher Service

* Now, you should be able to login with the user and password

Scenario 2: Multiple hubs

* Either shutdown other hubs if possible or block access from remote hubs to the primary hub or the hub where you are changing the user password. If you do not, by design the remote hubs will bry to sync-overwrite the security.cfg file while you are changing the password. You can block remote hubs either using firewall to block incoming 48002/tcp (if only direct hubs/non-tunneled hubs are involved) or blocking tunnel server port (default is 48003/tcp).

* Once, communication from/to remote hubs have been blocked, then follow the steps described in Scenario 1.

Scenario 3:

* close Infrastructure Manager
* stop the NimbusRobotService on all the hubs
* on the primary hub machine please remove the security files
* start the NimbusRobotWatcher on the primary hub
* open Infrastructure Manager
* you will be prompted to enter the Password and the Domain
* add on the Domain IP / name
* click OK
* you will be asked to add a password
* enter a new password and click OK
* you should be able to access Infrastructure Manager
* start the NimbusRobotWatcher on the other hubs