Data doesn't update when changing Project Scoping in Iteration Planning Board
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Data doesn't update when changing Project Scoping in Iteration Planning Board


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Making an application on a custom page filterable either by Iteration, Release or Milestone will remove the Project picker from the application's settings. In case of shared pages where there are other people who can edit the page, it can cause the confusion where after specific project has been selected and then the page has been filtered by one person, the other person won't know anymore if the page is following global project scoping or if there has been specific project set. Therefore it will not be clear if the data being rendered is correct. 


Component: ACSAAS


If one chooses to filter the page, please remember, when adding an application, to check iteration- or release- or milestone-filtered apps box. In that way you can be sure that the application you are going to be using is filterable one and the filter(s) will actually add value. 
If the filter has been already set and you still don't know why your data being displayed doesn't differ from project to project, please un-filter the page, navigate to application settings to check what are the project settings: 

As you can see in this case the Cirrus Program project has been picked therefore you'll be seeing the data from this project only. If you'd like to see the data from other projects, please select Follow Global Project Setting.