DBG55095E Sysview for Db2 data collector not available RC=132
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DBG55095E Sysview for Db2 data collector not available RC=132


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


The following message occurs when issuing the Pick command (PF6) for all of the Sysview Performance Management Option for Db2 for z/OS (IDB2)
data collectors that reside locally to the User Interface:

DBG55095E DC not available,(RC=132)

These same IDB2 data collectors can be addressed remotely from other LPARS, just not from the same LPAR as where the IDB2 data collectors are running.


The cause of the DBG55095E DC not available (RC=132) message in this specific scenario was due to a bad ACBNAME parameter
definition in the VTAM UI APPLs defined to the local LPAR.  

The five RAF UI APPL definitions for the given LPAR all had ACBNAME=DBG004.  
As stated in the RAFUIAPPL hlq.SOURCE library member, the ACBNAME must start with DBG001 and increase consecutively
with each definition (EG. DBG001-DBG009).


Correcting the ACBNAME parameter for the local RAF UI APPL definitions to reflect DBG001-DBG005, and then deactivating / activating the
RAF UI APPLS resolved the DBG55095E DC not available (RC=132) error message for all of the local IDB2 data collectors, allowing for the PICK (PF6)
command to show them as Available.