Would like to move all TPX* options to the bottom of the TPX MENU
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Would like to move all TPX* options to the bottom of the TPX MENU


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


How to group all the TPX applications (TPXADMIN, TPXOPER, etc) at the bottom of the TPX menu below all other applications? This should be set globaly for all users. 


CA TPX for z/OS


Customer is using #DEFAULT as the Default Dynamic User Profile (SMRT parm).  #DEFAULT gives a user all of the applications from the ACT on their TPX menu.
Customer has not defined any TPX profiles.
Not all user and profile options are available within the Application Characteristics Table (ACT).  Menu Order is one of the fields that is not available in the ACT, so it would need to be defined at the user or profile level.


To avoid the need to define menu order at the user level for everyone, create a TPX profile to use instead of #DEFAULT.

Note that you cannot specify a menu order for the TPX internal applications (TPXADMIN, TPXOPER, etc.).  They will use the system default menu order, either 0 or 255.   
  • The default is 0, which means it will appear first.  
  • Setting SMRT Optional Parameter Option 26 to "Y" changes this default to 255, which means it will appear last.  
  • If two sessions have the same menu order, they are arranged alphabetically based on session ID.      

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