Moving Gen 6.0 models from 8.0 to 8.6 Host Encyclopedia
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Moving Gen 6.0 models from 8.0 to 8.6 Host Encyclopedia


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We are in the process of upgrading from Gen 8.0 to 8.6 and we have some models which are 6.0 models.  Please advise how best to move 6.0 models from the 8.0 Host Encyclopedia into the 8.6 Host Encyclopedia. 


Release: 8.6


1. Please follow these steps:
a. In the Gen 8.0 Host Encyclopedia choose 'Model management'.
b. Copy required models into your 8.6 Host Encyclopedia by selecting 'Copy Model Across Encyclopedias'.
c. Convert those models via 'Model Conversion Utilities' in the 8.6 Host Encyclopedia

2. If you want to use another manual method, then here is what you can do... 
a. On the 8.0 Encyclopedia from which you are getting your model, download the model using the UPLOAD option. 
So, on the Main Menu, on the command line, enter 1.3.15 to go to the Download Model screen and then enter your model name and schema (software version), etc.
The Transaction file name is the dataset to where the model checkout will go. It is prefixed by your userid. 
Codepage can be 1252, even when doing a Download with Upload option (mainframe only). 
Make sure that the Upload option is YES and then please hit Enter. 
When this is complete, you may logoff of this Encyclopedia.
b. Logon to the 8.6 Encyclopedia to where you want the model uploaded. 
From the Main Menu, on the command line, please enter 1.3.16 to go to the Upload Model/Subset screen and then enter Transaction file name and select Execution mode as online. 
Just make sure that the same Transaction file name is used as is used for the Download. This file is typically allocated in a work pack, so please make sure you do download and upload on the same day. 
Once this is completed, the model is now in the new encyclopedia and can be converted using option 2 (convert model in encyclopedia.... on the Model Conversion Utilities screen).

Additional Information

When the Gen Encyclopedia is installed, values for the variables used by the product are collected and saved to the PARMLIB dataset. So, you will find the plan prefix used by the current Encyclopedia in the member TIUHE where TIUPLPR is the plan prefix of your current Encyclopedia and TIUR2PLP is the plan prefix of the other Encyclopedia from which you can cross copy the models.