TDM Cannot Publish to DevTest Virtual Service
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TDM Cannot Publish to DevTest Virtual Service


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools) CA Application Test


When trying to publish Request Response pairs from the TDM Console, the operation completes, but when I check the virtual service,
we do not see the updated virtual service with the new RR pairs in the service, and there was no error to indicate what the issue is.


All supported versions of DevTest and TDM Portal that supports DevTest Integration


In this case,  it was discovered that the origin of the virtual services were from a prior release of DevTest. 
When the VSI and VSM were copied,  they did not get imported back into DevTest,  but instead, the older mar file was deployed,  which caused the issue


Verify that the service you are using the RR pairs was originally created with the version of DevTest that you are currently using.

If not,  you will need to import the mar file as a project in the current version of DevTest,  and then re-deploy the service back into the VSE. 
You can do this by
1) Rename the mar file as a zip file
2) Unzip the new to a location that you can open with DevTest.
3) Once unzipped the contents of the zip will be a DevTest project.   You can now open the project with DevTest.
4) Go to the service, and then deploy it to your VSE.

At this point, your virtual service will update if new RR pairs are published via the TDM Portal