Suppressed servers from cluster still appear in the cluster probe
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Suppressed servers from cluster still appear in the cluster probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Why do suppressed servers in the cluster still appear in the cluster probe even though executing the cmviewcl command no more servers are shown? Is there a standard method to suppress them from the cluster probe?


Release: CNMTPP99000-8.47-Unified Infrastructure Mgmt-Storage Pack-- On Prem


The cluster probe has no functionality to auto detect and remove the suppressed nodes. This is the reason why the suppressed nodes come-up again in the cluster setup. In order to remove them from the cluster probe GUI, please use raw-config, select the corresponding section under nodes and delete them. If, in the suppressed nodes, the cluster disks profiles are shown as disabled (and as local) in cdm probe GUI, the solution to avoid this scenario would be, when the node is working fine, for each cluster disk to create a profile in cluster probe GUI manually (like you do for other probes e.g. Processes or Logmon in cluster probe GUI). Whenever the node gets suppressed or in failover scenario, no leftovers will be present in cdm probe cfg because the cluster probe is going to clean them. If there are no such profiles for disks and rely on the default profiles created under cluster GUI, then this left cleaning is not done by the cluster probe as it is not aware of the local configurations in cdm cfg. The bottom line is, you need to create profiles for each disk in cluster GUI and when these nodes will be suppressed, there will be no left overs in cdm cfg.