PAM node NTP status appears blank
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PAM node NTP status appears blank


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


The NTP status is blank.
It was able to display the status page earlier but unsure what has changed but the NTP Status page now displays no NTP related information at all and is a blank page.
Customer had tried to reboot the appliance but the issue still persists.


PAM 4.1.2


In some cases:

  • the Issue is resolved after removing the default NTP server list and keeping only the customer registered NTP server.
  • the issue is related to DNS and you are using a server name that is unresolvable.
  • In other cases this problem is caused by an internal corruption and requires deeper investigation at appliance OS level, so opening a support case with Broadcom is required.
  • If the affected appliance belongs to a cluster, maybe redeploying it and joining it again to the cluster can be an option for a fast recovery.

Additional Information

Resolved one root cause of this problem:

1. /etc/ntp.conf get's corrupted. (only had one line)

Put the following inside of it:

restrict ::1
server <ntp server1> iburst
server <ntp server2> iburst

2. netstat -ano | grep 123 

showed nothing binded to the default ntp port (123)

2. Recycle ntp daemon

/etc/init.d/ntp restart

3. Verify NTP binded to port 123

netstat -ano | grep 123

4. In PAM UI >> NTP status show sys.peer


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