How to set the configuration to access the target server by SSH with the SSH key pair
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How to set the configuration to access the target server by SSH with the SSH key pair


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


The PAM can use the SSH key authentication(SSH key pair), not only the manually input the password, to access the target application by SSH connection.  



CA Privileged Access Manager r3.x


1. It creates the Public key and the Private key file. Put the public key file with renaming to the "authorized_keys" as follows.

2. Click the Credentials >> Manage Targets >> SSH Key Pair Policies. Add the SSH Key Pair Policy as per the created public/private key 


3. It creates the Target Application, and select the created SSH Key Pair policy in the SSH-2 tab as follows if you would like to create the key by PAM. If not, this steps can be ignored.


4. It opens the Target Account and select the "SSH-2 Public key Authentication". And specify the appripriate files of the public key and the private key.
(If you would like to create the SSH key by PAM, click the "Generate Credential" button. The SSH Key Pair settings will be used by this timing) 

Additional Information

PAM does NOT have the feature of the other SSH authentication(For example, the TeraTerm can use the "Challenge Response" and "Pageant") than manually input the password, SSH key authentication.


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