What value will be set for "permission" parameter on ACL?
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What value will be set for "permission" parameter on ACL?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What value will be set for "permission" parameter on Access Control List (ACL) for Unified Infrastructure Management?


Component: CAUIM


 All ACLs (e.g., Superuser, Administrator, Operator, Guest) have "Permission" parameter that is saved on <acls> section of security.cfg. However, user cannot modify value of the parameter on AccountAdmin portlet on UMP or Infrastructure Manager.
 It is an expected behavior, because the value will be set automatically. It depends on what permissions are granted for ACL.

 Here is an example. Builtin ACL "Guest" has "USM Basic" permission that the access permission is "admin", and the "admin" is higher permission than "read" and "write". Therefore, "admin" is set for the "permission" parameter on this example.

from security.cfg
      permission = admin
      Custom Reports = 1
      Alarm Summary = 1
      Custom Dashboards = 1
      USM Basic = 1
      Dynamic Views Reports = 1
      User Customization = 1
      Alarm Details = 1