Deployed VSM with custom jar has time-out exception
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Deployed VSM with custom jar has time-out exception


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CA Application Test CA Continuous Application Insight (PathFinder) Service Virtualization


Have a custom jar that is a parser. 

Able to run in ITR from local Workstation. 

When deployed to remote VSE, testing causes a timeout, even though the jar is in the hotDeploy folder of the remote VSE.  


All supported DevTest releases.


tested with a Workstation from the VSE machine, that had the custom jar applied, using ITR and getting error: 

Exception caught writing property to file: Cannot create parent directory <directory folder>. 

Custom jar was reading from location on remote VSE that had no access to as well as the filter on the step writing to a location remote VSE did not have access to.  


Modified custom jar and removed filter, then able to get the response from the JAR file.