Resolving Attribute ID Conflicts
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Resolving Attribute ID Conflicts


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


While managing MIBs in Spectrum's OneClick MIB Tools utility, you may come across a conflict showing in the Attribute ID field. 


Platform Independant


This may happen if attributes are mapped on separate servers prior to the catalog being synced, or if there is a communication issue between servers when the catalog is synced. 


The resolution is to manually sync the Spectrum Database Catalog across all DSS servers. 

To resolve the attribute ID conflict: 

1. Select the landscape that will be the master catalog (this is typically the MLS catalog). On this chosen Server, run the following from the /SS directory: 

../SS-Tools/SSdbsave -c <filename>.SSdb 

- the -c flag indicates the export/import of the catalog, which contains the information on model types and attributes 

2. Then copy that SSdb file to the other distributed SpectroSERVERs and on those servers from the /SS directory, run: 

../SS-Tools/SSdbload -c <filename>.SSdb 


** NOTE: be sure to run these commands from the <SPECROOT>/SS directory 

Additional Information

Running SSdbsave and SSdbload utility:

References for catalog sync:


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