Banner RA Advantages
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Banner RA Advantages


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Banner RA Advantages


Release: AOMBOA99000-3.0-Automic-Operations Manager-Business Objects Agent


Detailed Description and Symptoms
What are some advantages of the Banner RA agent? 


Q.  What's so great about the Banner agent?  Why Integrate with Automic? 

A.  While we consider Banner jobs to be all the same, customers process a wide variety of scripted jobs through Banner.  This is in addition to the additional sets of jobs they choose to process through Automic. 

The jobs that customers automate through Automic can be requested manually through Internet Native Banner (INB).  INB is a browser run interface where users can submit jobs.  While it is easy to request the jobs through saved templates there are many features that users of Automic take for granted that INB is lacking.  Those features include the following:

1. Scheduling of jobs.

2. Confirmation of Jobs starting and running

3. Confirmation of Jobs finishing or aborting.

4. Capturing the jobs return code.

5. Easy output viewing.

6. Linking of related jobs or processes through chains.

Automic adds features to Banner that allow users to concentrate on larger tasks as day-to-day tasks will become automated.  When using only INB, users do not see when jobs change status.  This can often cause users to submit a job multiple times to make sure it is requested.  In addition, since no confirmation is given when a job completes, users will often sit and refresh the folder where output is stored continuously until output appears so they can know when the job has completed.