Best way to change name of Agent in many jobs
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Best way to change name of Agent in many jobs


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Best way to change name of Agent in many jobs


Release: AOATAM99000-9.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager



There are two good ways to accomplish this.
First option:
Within the client GUI.  Open the System Overview.  Right mouse click on the agent/executor you want to move objects off. Then select the Replace from the sub menu.  Within the "Replace use" window, you can select all your object or hand pick just a couple of jobs from this agent/executor.  Then in the replace by field, you can select the agent/executor you want to move the object to.  Once you have select all the objects, click the "Replace..." buttom to move them.

Second option:
Basically you'll need to unload the transport case and then run the Automic.DB Change utility against it before loading the transport case back into the system. The Automic.DB Change Utility is run from the command line. Documentation on the actual Utility itself can be found in the Automic documentation under Administrator Manual, Utilities, Automic.DB Change, Modifying Exported Data. The commands for running the Automic.DB Change Utility can be found under Administrator Manula, Start Parameters, Start Parameters, and then the section for "Utility for the modification of exported data UCYBCHNG.EXE". Information on the syntax of the script file which is needed is in the documentation under Administrator Manual, Utilities, Automic.DB Change, Syntax of the Script File.

There is one change that you needed to make to my unload ini file (ucybdbun.ini) to make this work. Add:



Once you've confirmed the transport case was unloaded with that parameter in your ini file, you'll want to create a file called script.txt or whatever name you'd like to call it. For this example, create the file in the utility bin directory (C:\uc4600a\utility\bin) and called script.txt. Here is an example of changing the host on the objects from WIN01 to WIN02. So script.txt will have the following lines in it:


Then go to the command line and go to C:\uc4600a\utility\bin and run the following command based on the start parameters. Note the -3 as pointing to UC_DATA2.TXT. This is so that you still have a backup of the original and is more for the sake of not needing to unload again than anything else.

C:\UC4600A\Utility\bin>ucybchng -B -1C:\uc4600a\utility\bin\script.txt -2C:\uc4600a\utility\db\UC_DATA.TXT -3C:\uc4600a\utility\db\UC_DATA2.TXT

Then you can use the DB Load utility and load the transport case and the hosts in should be changed in all the jobs.