End of Life (End of Support / End of Maintenance) for Version 9.00A
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End of Life (End of Support / End of Maintenance) for Version 9.00A


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


End of Life (End of Support / End of Maintenance) for Version 9.00A


Release: AOATAM99000-9.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager


End of Life for Version 9.00A

Based on our current Maintenance Schedule, Maintenance for Version 9.00A endsby December 2015, Support will continue for another 12 Months until December 2016.

As upgrading to a new main release version requires preparations such as anfull production upgrade test and all related approvals for a go live, we wouldlike to prepare you with additional information for an upgrade to Version 10 or11 in feature stable or feature development versions depending on yourrequirements.

Automic Support will be available to assist you during your upcoming upgradewith any product problems you may encounter. If you prefer onsite- or remoteassistance please get in touch with Support or your Account Manager to arrangethe next steps.

 Followingplease find some installation recommendations:

- Read and review inadvance the upgrade portion of the documentation.
\\Image:\ Documentation Administration Guide \ Installation \ New Installation
\\Image:\ Documentation \ Administration Guide \ Installation \ UpdateInstallation

- Please review the release notes:
\\Image:\Documentation Release Notes

- Have available a backup of the AUTOMIC database,taken immediately prior to the upgrade.

- Have available backups of the AUTOMIC filerepository.

- Have available a complete image of your current,(pre-upgrade), AUTOMIC version either on CD or an available drive.

- Have available any personnel with expertise for allAUTOMIC related technologies, (DBA's, OS Administrators, NetworkAdministrators, etc.)

Should your timeline for completing the upgrade be restrictive, or should youprefer a resource who is solely dedicated to completing your upgrade, pleaselet us know so that we can discuss further options like onsite- or remoteassistance throughout our Professional Services Team.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions and further Information:

1) What Version to go to,Version 10 or Version 11?
We suggest testing bothversions and selecting the one containing required features or with the higherstability based on your individual use cases. Product Downloads and Patch Descriptionsare available at https://downloads.automic.com.

2) How long will an upgradetake place?
This very much depends onthe type and amount of data to be upgraded- we therefore suggest trying anupgrade with a copy of your current production database in a physicallyseparated test environment with same sizing as your final productionenvironment.

3) Tip for Upgrade fromVersion 9.00A to Version 11:
Upgrading from Version 9 toVersion 11 requires an initial data load of Version 10 Initial Data (UCYBDBLDof UC_UPD.TXT).

4) Where to find resourcessuch as downloads and documentation?
Software + DocumentationDownloads: https://downloads.automic.com *
Online Documentation: http://docs.automic.com
Knowledge Base: https://support.automic.com *
Open an Incident Ticket: https://support.automic.com *

* requires a personalSupport Zone Login, can be requested on the login page ("Request User").

5)  GettingAssistance prior the Upgrade:
We can offer two ways, ifyou try the upgrade on your own, Automic Support is happy to troubleshoot orrestore production right away. Also you can schedule an appointment to get theUpgrade done by an Automic Professional, please get in touch with Support oryour Account Manager to arrange an appointment in case you would like to getonsite- or remote assistance.

6)Getting Assistance during the Upgrade:
Give Support a phone callto resolve the Incident or restore Production right away.
Contact details can be found below or at our Support Web Pagesincluding Support's international toll-free numbers.

Howto Contact Support:

In case of high urgency give us a phone call right away:

+43 5 70 80 80 English
+43 5 70 80 90 Deutsch
+43 5 70 80 77 Francais

Also you can open anincident via Web at https://support.automic.com andupload your WP Server- Job- and Agent Logs there.
If you have no Support Zone user, pleaseuse "
Request user". For low priority you can also use our eMail [email protected].