Changing a Unix/Linux Master's ip address to use a host name.
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Changing a Unix/Linux Master's ip address to use a host name.


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Changing a Unix/Linux Master's ip address to use a host name.


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent



Occassionally an Applications Manager (AM) Master installation's ip address may need to be changed due to such things as moving a Master to a new machine or decommissioning a DNS address that the AM Master is pointing to.   Whatever the reason, the steps outlined below should help you accomplish that.


1. Logon to the Master machine as the Applications Manager's userid and execute the following command:
. site/sosite

2. Stop all AM processes:
stopso all
stopso awcomm

Ensure that there are no AM processes still running.
ps –aef|grep <AM's OS user name>

3. Initiate the install script to change the ip address for the Master using the following command.
sh awinstall

When you see the prompt:
Is the above correct [Yes]?

Type no.
It will go through the list and prompt you for a response.  If you press return it will use the default value specified. When it get's to the prompt:
Automation Engine's IP address or DNS name [nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn] ?

Type in the host name.
Continue to select the default values for the rest of the prompts until it gets to
IP address or DNS name of this computer [nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn] ?

Change this value from the ip address to the host name.
When it gets to the prompt:
Is the above correct [Yes]?

Just press return and continue.  When it gets to the main install menu:

               Select option
01 Initial Install/Upgrade from Prior version
02 Reapply portions of upgrade ...
03 Data Checks ...
04 Setups ...
05 Reset Applications Manager Password
 q Quit

Menu Option                                        [1] ?

Pick Option 2 (02 Reapply portions of upgrade ...).

               Select option
01 Install tables, indexes, packages, triggers, views
02 Load Static Information
03 Set Dba Information
04 Initial Objects Load
05 Migration Step
06 Load Applications Manager Modules
07 Reset Jnlp files
08 Reset virtual day
09 Return to main menu
 q Quit

Menu Option                                        [9] ?

Then select Option 1 (01 Install tables, indexes, packages, triggers, views).

When it comes to the following section:
**** Automation Engine, Ip, User name, Oracle id - Do not match *****
old_master=V80 master=V80
old_ip=<ip address> ip=<host name>
old_user=AM8 user=am8
old_oracle_id=v80 oracle_id=v80
old_net_connect= net_connect=
Change Database to new values [N] ?

Press y and then continue on.
When it comes back to the menu again choose option 7 (Reset Jnlp files).

Once the Jnlp files are changed and you come back to the menu you can quit.

4. Restart all the AM processes.
. site/sosite
startso all

5. Remember to change reference the new host name in the URL to access the AM client.  The URL will look similar to this:
http://<host name>:<Apache port number>/<Master Name>/Intro.html