Error when importing XML file
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Error when importing XML file


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


Error when importing XML file

When trying to import an XML file, into a system that is ServicePack 4 or above, the following message is received:

U4005750 Automic has no template for the object that should be imported (type: 'JOBP').


Release: Automic One Automation 

originally seen in version 9
Also seen in version 12.3.2



In ServicePack 3 for v9 new WorkFlow (JOBP) templates were added for ForEach and IF. During the upgrade process on the database, the WorkFlows with the original templates were converted into the new Template.




The Import/Export process will not transform the objects to reflect the change. Objects are converted when loaded with the DB.Load Utility.

Use a Transport case to move the object into the target system. This will update the job type to a supported format.

1. On source system drag and drop the JOBP object into the Transport Case

2. Unload Transport case via the DB.Unload Utility

3. Run the DB.Load Utility for the destination system and load the Transport case