Cant Start HP-UX Agent
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Cant Start HP-UX Agent


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Cant Start HP-UX Agent


Release: AOATAM99000-9.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager



When HP-UX Agent is started it ends again immediatly


Data needed for analysis: Agent Logfiles (default location Agent/temp folder)

Information found in the Agent log:

U2003043 Invalid 'uname' call. Error code: ('72' - 'Value too large to be stored in data type') 

When the agent starts it performs the command "uname" to get the environment information from the Host, in this case the command failed Invalid 'uname' call. Error code: ('72' - 'Value too large to be stored in data type') 
and there was no information returned from the Host:

U2000020 Environment : Hardware = '/84'. 
U2000021 Environment : Software = ''. 
U2000022 Environment : SW version = ''.

Due to this error Automic had no values to compare with supported environment information stored in the htype and ends the Agent.

20121025/162845.383 - U0011605 The combination of hardware '/84' and software '' version '' ('000000084') is not supported.
20121025/162845.383 - U2000041 Closing Agent 'CHSAPP401'.
20121025/162845.384 - U2000076 Connection to CP Server 'UC4NONPD#CP003' will be closed.
20121025/162845.392 - U2000010 Connection to Server 'cljsad2:11003' terminated.
20121025/162845.393 - U2000002 UC4 Agent 'CHSAPP401' version '8.00A228-561' ended abnormally.


This issue is Operating System related:

This isse occurs due to the filesize limitation in HP-UX.

HP-UX reccomends the following setting to disable the file size limitation:
Change the kernel parameter "uname_eoverflow" from 0 to 1.

Restart the Agent after these Settings have been changed.