Auto Start Explorer on GUI Login
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Auto Start Explorer on GUI Login


Article ID: 90257


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Affects Release version(s): 7.1

Auto Start Explorer on GUI Login


Component: APPMGR


In versions of Applications Manager (AM) 6.1x and earlier customers were able to toggle the Explorer window opening at the time they login to the GUI. This is not an option anymore.

Also, a small number of users that have upgraded from the older version mentioned above to v7.1 or v8.0 have run into an issue where their GUI is stuck with the above option set to not open Explorer on login and no way to change this. 


This issue will not be seen by users logging into Applications Manager on machines  that have never launched the AM clients. The Explorer window is opened by default.

For most users, after upgrading, the Explorer window will open normally.

If you wish to toggle this behavior, the setting can be changed as follows:

1. Edit the .Logon.Properties file in C:\Users\<username>\.Appworx directory

Toggle between these two values:

Explorer=on\=false -- Explorer off at login
Explorer=on\=True  -- Explorer on at login

This setting is specific to the user's workstation. If the same Applications Manager User logs in from a different workstation (home/work) they will need to make the modification on both workstations.