Use of umask, U_MASK_LOG and U_MASK_UPR.
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Use of umask, U_MASK_LOG and U_MASK_UPR.


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CA Automic Dollar Universe



Use of umask, U_MASK_LOG and U_MASK_UPR.


Dollar Universe Application Server on Unix/Linux.

Application Validation Tests

Sometimes, you cannot open a job log if it was launch by another user.


Release: 5.x 
Component: Dollar Universe



The owner of a job log is the submission account you used for the launch of the job in Dollar Universe.

 ls -ltrai $UXLEX
 -rw-rw----  1 qa15    qa15         7148 Nov  3 08:48 XIA15MTAVNI0000006F15QLBPTC15MAIL.0000162
 -rw-rw----  1 hraoufa universe     1241 Nov 12 08:16 XTC14WKWP20000016E14QBKINTETC14CRNRB.0000171
-rw-rw----  1 qa14    qa14         8109 Nov 12 08:42 XTC14WKWP20000019E14QBKINTETC14MAIL.0000187

Therefore, sometimes you will not be able to open all job logs depending on the user you are currently logged as.


Implementation Check

Create a new Uproc : the rights on the file should be those specified by U_MASK_UPR
Create a new Launch : the rights on the file should be those specified by U_MASK_LOG

Implementation Procedure

You can set U_MASK_LOG in the 3 uxsetenv* files and specify the rights you would like for the job los.
Here is an example :
    export U_MASK_LOG="u=rwx,g=rwx,o=rwx"
This way, every user will be able to open all job logs.

Note that by default, U_MASK_LOG="u=rwx,g=rx,o=rx"

Note that you can use the minus sign "-" to restrict access.
    Example: U_MASK_UPR="u=rwx,g=rx,o=-rwx"

The same principle can be applied with U_MASK_UPR to uprocs' internal scripts.

Finally, note that U_MASK_LOG and U_MASK_UPR will overwrite the value of umask.
For your information :
The umask is a system command that specifies the permissions you do not want given by default to newly created files and directories.
umask works by doing a bitwise AND with the bitwise complement of the umask.
Bits that are set in the umask correspond to permissions that are not automatically assigned to newly created files.