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Event Job EVENT.UNIXFS returns error code '127' when querying a UNIX file system


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Event Job EVENT.UNIXFS returns error code '127' when querying a UNIX file system


Release: AOATAM99000-9.0-Automic-One Automation Tools-Application Manager



The Event Job EVENT.UNIXFS is getting a '127' error returned when querying a UNIX file system.

Example error message returned in UNIX Agent log:

U2000009 Job 'EVENT.UNIXFS' with RunID '<RunID>' ended on return code '127'.

Example error message returned in Job Activation log:

U0011003 Job 'EVENT.UNIXFS' (RunID '<RunID>'') on Host 'XXXXXXXX' aborted (return code='0000000127'). Remote Id=13295


These messages usually occur when using the UNIXFS Event Job in the PREP_PROCESS script statement incorrectly or when possibly using an imported or updated object from an previous Operations Manager version.


Per the documentation, using the UNIXFS utility extends the query options of the UNIX file system similar to those available for the "ls" UNIX OS command. A specific syntax has to be used for the parameters to return information about the UNIX file system being queried with the PREP_PROCESS script statement.

These are the only Keywords allowed for use with "UNIXFS" (for a detailed description go to Knowledge Base>Automic and Target Systems>Automic and UNIX>PREP_PROCESS - Querying the UNIX File System in the documentation):

PATH (or: PFAD) ->Parameter keyword for the file-name specification, includes full path...

FSPAR ->Parameter keyword for the file-system query.

TYPE ->Specification of a file type...

SIZE ->Selection criteria for the file size.

OWNER ->Name of the owner of the files (User), not the User ID.

GROUP ->Name of the owners of the file (Group), not the Group ID.

ATIME ->Time of the last access.

MTIME ->Time of the last modification of the file system.

STIME ->Time of the change of the file status.

MODE ->If you specify "RECURSIVE", the subordinate directories are also checked.


The is an example of an incorrect PREP_PROCESS script statement:


This is the correct PREP_PROCESS script statement using UNIXCMD:


**NOTE **>> The "CMD=" parameter being used is actually only allowed for the UNIXCMD Event Job and cannot be use with the UNIXFS Event Job.  The keyword "CMD=" and other UNIXCMD Event Job keywords are not allowed when using the UNIXFS Event Job in the PREP_PROCESS script statement.  Only the keywords listed above are valid for the UNIXFS Event Job. 

Here is the example from the documentation using some of the allowed keywords for the UNIXFS Event Job:

:SET &HND = PREP_PROCESS('SOLARIS','UNIXFS','*','UC_LOGIN=UC4','PATH=./*', 'FSPAR=ATIME="19971006 1200","19981231 2350" SIZE=1,9999 MODE=RECURSIVE')