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How do I clear the Java cache on XP?


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


How do I clear the Java cache on XP?


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


Detailed Description and Symptoms

Errors encountered while loading the Java client.

There may be times when you encounter errors while trying to load the Applications Manager client on your PC.  For example, the machine that the Master/Automation Engine is running on has had an IP address change or the Java data on your client machine has become corrupt.


**In Windows -

1.       From the Start Menu open the Control Panel

2.       Double click "Java" to open the Java Control Panel

3.       The following two options are shown; your circumstances will dictate which option you choose:

        A.       Select specific files in Java cache to delete (when a specific Master has had an IP address change)

                                     i.      Choose "View" to open the Java Cache Viewer

                         ii.      Highlight the specific cached file and select "X" to remove that item

                         iii.      "Close" the window

                         iv.      Select "OK" to close the Java Control Panel

B.      Delete all of the Java cache (when you suspect that your Java cache has become corrupt)

                         i.      Select "Settings" which will open the "Temporary Files Settings" window

                         ii.     Select "Delete Files" -> "OK" to confirm deletion of the temporary files

                         iii.    Select "OK" to close the window then "Apply" the changes and "OK" to close the                   Java Control Panel

C.       To confirm that the files have been removed, select "View" from the "Temporary Internet Files" section under the General tab of the Java Control Panel.  This will open the Java Cache Viewer

                        i.      From the "Show" drop-down menu select "Applications".  The files that you removed should no longer be viewable here

        ii.      Select "Close" -> "OK" to close the Java Control Panel

4.       After the cache has been deleted it will be refreshed the next time you access the Intro.html page and select the Java WebStart link: "Start the Applications Manger Client"