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Changing Oracle login/password in 8.0


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Changing Oracle login/password in 8.0


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


Detailed Description and Symptoms
Procedure to change the Applications Manager Oracle login/ password in 8.0. 

Applications manager fails to start because it can't login to the database ORA-10107 username/password is incorrect.  The Oracle login has been changed in Oracle, and needs to be updated in Applications Manager



To change the Oracle  login/password in Applications Manager:

  1. Stop all the Applications Manager processes. 

    For directions on stopping and starting the processes, see topics 1.8 Starting and Stopping the Applications Manager Processes in UNIX and 1.9 Starting and Stopping the Applications Manager Processes in Windows.

  2. Before changing the password on the Oracle side, change the name/password for your database login in Applications Manager. If the password is already changed, you will need to go into SQL*Plus and update the so_ids table. To change the database login, issue the following SQL statements. You may not need to set a connect string.

    update so_ids set so_login = '<new_DB_login>' where so_login = '<old_DB_login>';
    update so_ids set so_passwd = '<new_DB_password>' where so_login = '<new_DB_login>';
    update so_ids set so_encrypted = 'N' where so_login = '<new_DB_login>';

  3. Change the password in Oracle.
  4. Edit the automation engine line in the file in the data directory. The automation engine line uses the format <Master name>=<IP address> <login name> <port> <SID> <Encrypted Y/N> ENC:<encrypted user name>\=\= ENC:<encrypted password>\=\=.
    • Change the Y for encrypted to N. 
    • Replace the encrypted user name (ENC:<encrypted user name>\=\=) and password (ENC:<encrypted password>\=\=) with an unencrypted user name and password. 

#Mon Aug 22 13:58:56 PDT 2011
V80LINUX= 1521 XE N <Oracle login> <password>

  1. If the database login name was changed, edit the O~DBLOGIN~ line in the ISAIMPORT.dat file in the map directory. A sample is shown below:

    N~NODE~<agent name>
    O~DBLOGIN~<login name>

  2. Start the Applications Manager processes. Starting the processes will encrypt the file.
  3. From the command prompt, issue the following command to encrypt the password in the so_ids table: 

    awexe id_recrypt