SAP Manager log: SAP system [*/*/*]: RfcOpenEx fails is reported.
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SAP Manager log: SAP system [*/*/*]: RfcOpenEx fails is reported.


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


SAP Uproc ends aborted. The SAP Manager log displayed: SAP system [*/*/*]: RfcOpenEx fails is reported


Component: ADLRUN


After having enabled the SAP Manager debugging level (variableU_AGT_LOG_LEVEL=3,ALL) and RFC trace (AGTSAP_TRACE_DEVTRC=3) check that the following errors are reported in the files 'sapjcs.log' and'dev_rfc.trc' occurs.

1 - In the 'sapjcs.log' file, this error is reported by a thread number (tid)  ####
     (7752 in this example) :

     uxsap_open_comm   # SAP system  [*/*/*]: RfcOpenEx fails
     uxsap_open_comm   # error group  [102]
     tid 7752 # uxsap_open_comm # key[RFC_ERROR_COMMUNICATION]
     uxsap_open_comm # message [Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect_PM...

 2 - In the 'dev_rfc.trc' file, for the same thread ID (7752), the error message :
     'max no of 100 conversations exceeded' is displayed :
       T:7752 Error in program 'UniSapManager': ======> Connect to SAP
       gateway  failed Connect_PM  GWHOST=HOSTNAME, GWSERV=TESTSERVER, 

            LOCATION    CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host
            ERROR       max no of 100 conversations exceeded 

 It seems that you have reached a limit on the maximum number of RFC 
 connections available.
 This SAP problem can be solved by increasing the CPIC_MAX_CONV value (default
 value is 100) as mentioned in the SAP note 314530.


Read carefully the SAP Note 314530 for more details about the changes to do.