Creating a Watchworx.notify.bat file for Windows
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Creating a Watchworx.notify.bat file for Windows


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Creating a Watchworx.notify.bat file for Windows


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


you want to be emailed when an Windows Applications Manager process goes down, you can set up an %AW_HOME%\exec\watchworx.notify script with a command that will email you. Make sure that you test your email command (blat, in this case) at the command line before putting it in a script.

Here's one way to set this up:


    • Download blat ( to your Windows machine.
    • Copy blat.exe and any other necessary blat files to %AW_HOME%\c folder of the Windows agent.
    • Create an %AW_HOME%\exec\watchworx.notify.bat script with your email command in it. Here's an example:
      echo WatchWorx message for %1 %2 process:%3 >%AW_HOME%\log\mail.txt
      %AW_HOME%\c\blat %AW_HOME%\log\mail.txt -s WatchWorx -to [email protected] -server -f [email protected]
    • From Task Manager, manually kill the awagent process.
    • Wait longer than 420 seconds (7 minutes)* and then check your email for the message about the process restart. You should see something like this:
      WatchWorx message for CCPROD awagent process:"Last updated 445 seconds ago (limit=420) and will be restarted immediately."
      * When a process no longer exists, WatchWorx compares the latest status update time period to the sleep_time * mult_factor.