Jobs stuck in backlog
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Jobs stuck in backlog


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Jobs stuck in backlog


Release: AAMOS499000-8.0-Automic Applications Manager-OS400 Agent


Detailed Description and Symptoms

Jobs will stop processing but will stay in a running status in the backlog.  If you look at the output file it will say "exiting BODY2".  You will notice that the job may finish a minute later, or the next day.  There is no rhyme or reason for the amount of time it stops.


Please have all users logged into Applications Manager close any file viewer they have open. If this does not allow the job to finish please have all users log out of the client completely


Due to limitations in the Windows Operating system, opening the output file through the internal file viewer while the job is running will prevent BODY3.bat from starting. This will prevent the job from finishing. Because of this we do not recommend users open output files on jobs running on Windows until they are completed. If necessary make sure to look at the output then quickly close so processing does not get slowed down